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'Yemi Daramola is the Managing Consultant of Jason Folds Group Ltd who works with other specialist partners. Yemi is an avid project manager and brand improvement strategist with a Law background. He is certified with Agilepm, Prince2, SMSTS and Business Analysis qualifications and is avidly tutored in change management. He has a wide range of experience and rich skill sets that make his consultancy services distinctively proficient and effective. He is a very keen thinker willing to analyse information and environment of any investment or venture and enhance the realisation of the best outcome, either when consulting for government bodies, or providing Independent strategic consultancy  for businesses, charities, or individuals.




Managing risk in the business world

Yemi considers risk management as an essential part of  management endeavours and keen on it in his services to ensure qualitative goals are realised as agreed. His law background helps in observing the legal environment and how best to apply compliance in any consultancy effort. Alongside his skills in Project Management he is a creative writer who works with a firm that has a team that is  able to help businesses reach audiences for marketing purposes in Business development or improvement, especially through writing copy and messages for media content as added advantage to project outcome.

Risk management meeting in office in Birmingham





An eclectic range of skills to help your company

 Yemi leads a team that has an eclectic range of experience, and the prowess for building or solidifying the platforms of clients for the best results in all services. This ensures the best outcome is achieved in building start-ups, managing new innovation for existing business, managing system and organisational changes for developmental sustainability. A great strategist, he is also an essayist, poet, blogger, public affairs analyst and a snooker player.

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