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Welcome to Jason Folds Group. We are a management company that supply services throughout England to SMEs and corporations also helping them manage projects, change, growth, and their public relations successfully. The guiding principles of our consulting approach are cooperation, excellence, fairness, and stewardship. We work collaboratively as a team, and will help you to manage resources equitably and improve your business prospects.

What makes our service unique is that we have different consulting offices at Jason folds group ltd that combine to give our clients a complete project  and business / brand improvement package when working for them.

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Persistent Innovation and Improvement

We engage with business owners and department managers to help them find new ways of tackling old problems, and anticipate new problems before they happen.



Business Development 

We help you focus on meeting the needs of people and addressing gaps in the market. Instead of simply providing products or services based on what the business owner thinks is in demand, it's important to conduct thorough research and analysis to understand what people really need and want.

As business consultants in Liverpool, we help companies shape their products or services to make them more relevant and necessary in the market. We use strategies that help businesses understand how to make sure their product or service meets the needs of their clients and becomes an essential part of people's lives.


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Project Management

The development of projects and products is a process that evolves over time, and it requires the expertise of a project manager who can help guide the project towards a successful outcome. At Jason Folds Group, we believe that a project manager is like a physician who can influence the health of the project's outcome.

We use the best processes that correspond to the nature of your project. We focus on managing the three critical factors of time, cost, and scope, which are essential for ensuring the success of the project. Without effective management of these factors, the intended outcome of a project may be impossible to achieve.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

We can help your business embrace its corporate social responsibility and ensure it has a positive effect on all those who interact with it.

Corporate Social Responsibility is particularly good for business and organisations in these modern times where environmental pollution is of concern and poverty as well as illness are becoming unbearable loads to governments. More corporations have succeeded in assisting in this area and have used this awareness to check unhealthy social practices.


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More business consultancy services

  • Change Management: We are here to help businesses adopt changes in policy and procedure smoothly, alleviating objections, and lessening tensions.
  • Crisis Management: Negative events can disproportionately affect a business's reputation, and result in cumulative problems. We are here to break that cycle for you.
  • Social Indications and Policy Development: Our business consultancy can help identify social trends, analyse data, and advise policymakers on how policies affect the community and vice versa.
  • CSR and Human Rights: We can help your business embrace its corporate social responsibility and ensure it has a positive effect on all those who interact with it.

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Covering Nationwide

As business consultants in Liverpool, we serve businesses in the West Midlands, as well as London, Manchester, and across the United Kingdom.

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 Our Values 


We act as a team with mutual respect while complementing each other's effort in serving our clients.


We continually improve on utilising corresponding information and resources that enable us to serve the best interests of our clients.



We manage the supply of available resources equitably to serve the best interests of our clients.


We are committed to the improvement and upliftment of our clients from their immediate state.







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We host a business management podcast, coming soon for business owners across the UK and internationally. Our podcast is packed with information and business advice to help your company grow and plan for the future.

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